no words for today’s laziness…



i forgave myself for procrastinating yesterday because i had a fever….


but today it is not acceptable…



the headache is just a sign that you’re procrastinating too much….



maybe you should start doing your papers instead of blogging…


or stop looking for fanfics to read before you fall asleep… but actually keeps you awake until 3 in the morning, which 4 hours after you went to bed….. -_-


sheesh……… exam’s in 10 days, you should be cramming by now….



look at your friends and classmates studying hard…..



be inspired…….








study now………..


*insert giggles here*

i just woke up and opened my fangirling twitter account and found people spazzing over this practice video. hahahahaha. and nobody even bothered texting me! it’s almost noon here! XD (i stayed up late reading exo wolf!au fanfics)

well. so far, i’ve watched it twice. first time, i admit that i did cringe a little. but that was because the arrangement i was used to was the leaked version, and so hearing the “official(?)” version was a bit unfamiliar for my ears. but after hearing it for the second time, the song has automatically grown on me. and i am so psyched to hear Chen’s high note!!!

and now we go to the dance part since this is a dance practice video. i just have to say this out loud: THIS CHOREOGRAPHY IS BRILLIANT!!!!!! i mean, try to cover that people!! that’s EXO!! XD i”m making no sense but you know… you just get that feel that “oh! that’s EXO!”.. gosh, now everytime a wolf howls or somebody just says “awoooo!” i will always think of exo… XD and all of them are such amazing dancers…

i heard this clip was supposed to be sent to music shows so the camera men know how to film them. hahaha. i think it’s also for the fans so they can prepare their fanchants. oh look at that OT12 performing. my OT12 feels.

will watch it again and again and again! i acn’t wait to see them perform this with their costumes. those black bandanas are daebak.


~i love everything EXO~




so.. the new semester will open on the 13th of June.. but we all know EXO’s coming back with a new album on the 3rd of June which only leaves me with 10 days to spazz… TT_TT poor me.. but by then, i would have moved to my dorm since i’ll be moving on June 1 and my life is just so sad… TT_TT i would then have to endure the poor internet service in my room.. which will be really frustrating and i’m cringing as i think about that impending dark times…


HOWEVER, school also means that i would see my friends again.. though some of them are really not into kpop, they are supportive of my hobbies… and one even goes to the length of spazzing with me despite her being a certified huge Hottest (2pm) and sometimes Baby (B.A.P.).. hooray for me spazzing with another live person!! harharhar!! i’ve been cooped up inside this house for a long while with my summer extracurriculars aka Zumba classes so i would really appreciate talking to my friends IN PERSON!!  i want to spazz.. but i need to study!! but I WANT TO SPAZZ!!! nooooo.. STUDY!! TT_TT


I would also like to point out to myself that i am no ordinary student.. *le sigh* i am currently enrolled in the College of Medicine and am paving my way to become a certified doctor.. which would entail ENDLESS HOURS of STUDYING and SLEEPLESS nights REVIEWING my lessons over and over again.. *aiming for the scholarship is hard.. huhu..* which also explains that even if i’m on SUMMER VACATION, i am studying my lessons IN ADVANCE! *le frustrated* plus i have to save up money to buy my Medicine books.. the Surgery book alone costs 7,000 Philippine peso.. and that’s just one book.. TT_TT


I just bought my first ever SELF-BOUGHT korean albumssss (my other kpop albums were gifts because i have the greatest friends ever!!^^)… and of course i need to get both EXO-K and EXO-M versions!!! it’s a must!! XD hahaha.. and now they’re gonna release a new album and i have the money, hooray!! i will be more happy if my application for the Book Scholarship is accepted because by then, they will be able to sponsor my books which would make me less guilty buying the exo albums!! :)) 


wow… my rant is not so sad and full of emotions after all… XD maybe listening to MAMA album once more calmed my nerves.. harharhar.. forever in repeat!! and in a few days, the 12 songs in repeat will be given an additional 20 songs!! MAMA era will sure be missed…


i do try to listen/watch their MVs and Live performances once more because in a few days, i’ll be looking forward to hearing a different song and different concept.. and MAMA era will be a thing of the past… one of the best debuts i’ve ever seen… because they were so cool…






here.. MAMA MV:




EXO jjang!!

Who’s my bias?



oh gahd… i seriously love that meme above!! that was one of the first few memes i saw during teaser era… XD because it’s SOOOO SHAMELESSLY TRUEEEEE!!


case in point: me

my bias in EXO has been Kris since time imemorial… wait no… since History MV was released, actually… because before that, freaking KAI and LUHAN were my number 1… they can share it…

so that would make my list look something like this:

1. Kris

2. Luhan

3. usually any random EXO member / flavor of the week or month

4. everyobody else


it’s funny ’cause early this January, my fave member was Kai, and then replaced with Baekhyun after a few weeks, replaced by Tao, and now replaced by Sehun who is in danger of being replaced by Xiumin!!!! LOLzzz… my life….. 


there was also a point in time when i replaced Kris with Luhan as my number one because he was nowhere to be seen and i’m just… you know…. the Luhan effect is sooooooooooooo magnetic…. XD LOL


but now…. how do i explain the countless Sehun pictures that are almost overpowering the sheer amount of duizhang pictures i got stored in my laptop?? XD HUNHAN lives!!! it’s seriously one of the reasons why i got so many Sehun pictures now.. idol olympics aka January 28 HUNHAN DAY, as said by one of the girls in tumblr named POSH which stands for Prince Oh Sehun (GENIUS!), gave a rush of fanpics and i just saved them left and right… XD hahahahahaha my OTP folder is filled with HUNHAN and it’s soooo funny.. i seriously need to stock up on some TAORIS files…. or BAEKYEOL (gawd that OTP is cheesy and Baek is a diva i can’t even… *squeels*)…


i should stop now….. >_< 

sooo.. it’s their debut performance.. technically the first time we hear their live voices singing this song… people have been calling this day as “Nightmare the 13th” and i read somewhere that even Baekhyun knows the fandom calls this performance as such.. *i cry* poor bb must’ve thought his fans don’t like him during debut..

i was browsing my files and decided to listen again after a year… THEY WERE GOOD!! i mean…. that was an almost perfect performance… if not for the different octave Kyungsoo and his background voice hit during the first few lines… i’ve seen their History perf that day as well but hey… they were nervous… =)) you could totally hear Kai singing an octave higher for his lines… but that was fine, it was endearing… SHINee’s Taemin “whispered” his lines during their first performance of NYSP.. ^_^ that’s nothing to be ashamed of…. that’s what fans are for… to love their idols because of their perfection and their imperfections… EXO has a lot of room to learn.. and after one whole year, their performances are getting better and better and always pristine perfect with added fanservice as bonus! ❤ (i'm pertaining to Kai's heart during History during their latest performance two weeks ago)

sooo… i decided to re-open this blog because i have a lot of FEELS….. and i just can’t keep posting them as a status in my facebook account because ;ajshdfakshfdlkjhasld it’s messy and embarassing to let the whole world know what i’m up to… :))

here have some EXO OT12.. ^_^



I’m taking the removals on my last subject before internship… i’m not scared of the exam, i’m scared of how the people around me are reacting… It’s my first time taking a removals and I have no idea what it feels like…


I wanted to take the removals.. I needed a reason to study and review all my notes.. I need something to scare me… And this is it… So far, I’m not scared of it yet.. Maybe I’ll feel it when it’s only a day away..


I wished for it and i got it.. I like it..


Is it bad?